The Camper Van Diaries

The Camper Van Diaries

So… I spent the winter cooped up in my under-ground garrage in the dark, building up the van fir epic adventures… And… Now that the weather is warming and the forest is greening… It is time for said adventures to take place. And with that in mind, we have created the small series on the channel called “The Camper Van Diaries”


This little series is aimed more at van’ing weekend breaks, visiting cool places and how I move all my crap around the country-side. They’re mostls solo missions. Fun places to ride and visit… and will – for the large part – be stealth camper stop-overs with a more of a tourism vibe… Well… Tourism if you like biking and hiking and forests and small towns. If you like cities and all… You can just GTFO. 😀


So… Here are the are the first few videos from the series…





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