Sunday Morning Quickies: The new Season

Sunday Morning Quickies: The new Season

So… we’re slowly ramping up to the new season… And as such, we’re able to get out and do a bit of early year riding… Much thanks to climate change for that one! wOOp!!! Except… Not really… The “woop” I mean… Not the climate change bit… That bit sucks camel scrote…


So… Here’s the first two SMQ’s of the year for y#all to have a look see at. And a few screen grabs as well.. You know… for good measure… First up…. The full run off Bernsteinfels. 6km of lovely natural trails from the feks to the city… Absolutely LUSH!


The view over the valley from up on the Fels…


Starting the first little shoot… A fun rock jam.


Bit of a flat pedal to the next DH section…


Into the darkness… It’s not called the “Black Forest” for nothing…


Running the bench cut.


Dropping into the BIG roller…


Wet leaves on the rock slab means a dab of braikes to keep the speeds in check… Although we are doing just shy of 40km/h through here.


A few leg burner climbs at the end… To make sure you’re paying attention.


BIG rock slap roller to end the trail down…


And now the video!



Next up we have the Merkur Zig-Zag Trail… A hoot of a trail to be sure like!


Dropping into the second set of switchbacks…


A bit of a sprint through the trees.


Small step halfway through the turn, but enough grip to not hit the tree.


Thread the needle through the trees and boost the roller… don’t roll the roller… That’s lame.


Im the side off provised hip of the road.


And not the video!!


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