Specialized Stumpjumper 2019 vs Enduro 2014

Specialized Stumpjumper 2019 vs Enduro 2014

OK… So this has been a thought rattling around in my head for a little while now. How much of a difference is left between the Stumpjumper and the Enduro? Well… Thanx to a bit of a crash that happened a few weeks ago, I haven’t been able to compare the new Stumpjumper to the new Enduro, but, I have been able to compare it to the old Enduro… Urm… My old Enduro.

A pretty bike, just chilling in the forest…


During the Trans-Alp: M√ľnchin bis Venice


The New Specialized Enduro… In PINK!

But that will hopefully be a video that will still get made. We’ll have to see how things play out in the future. But until then. Here is a video comparison between the old Enduro and new Stumpjumper.



Hope you enjoy.


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