Production Privee SHAN… The old school 26″ build

Production Privee SHAN… The old school 26″ build

OK… So here it is. Finally finished and test ridden. And it is GLORIOUS!

Stunning! Nothing else really to say about it…

This is a project that I have had playing out in my mind for some time now… Having a load of old parts in my basement that were “outdated” and worthless… And the dream of turning them into something new and beautifil… A bit of searching around. A lucky meeting of a Production Privee OKA on a shuttle day… Production Privee’s genius of offering 26″ drop outs for it’s SHAN model… A few easily purchasable conversion parts… And away we go. Three videos documenting the project from start to finish…




And a bit of a Photo Epic for closer inspection….

Drive train and flex stays…


The old Marzzochi Bomber 66cr2x…


Cock-pit and garmin set-up… Tucked away and safe.


The rubber queen up front will be shifted to the rear come spring…


With a bit of luck… My trusty nut-grabber dropper post can bounce between my two bikes… #thrifty


Black base colour, with accents of red and white… Your shits gotta be colour coded if you wanna be fast… It’s just plain science.


And that’s that… Catch you all in the next video!


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