Potjie… A picture instructable…

Potjie… A picture instructable…

So. Because Potjjies are the most awesome way to wind away a day while makin fire and having a few beers with your mates… Here’s a quick instructable for all you heathens out there who do not follow the one true path of Potjie.

Fire, Charcoal, Potjie pot and time… Add friends and a few drinks. Top off with good weather.

Yes. That’s a braai area built from reclaimed sand stone. ‘Tis glorious… Also. The fire place is made in an old car rim. You can take the man out the saffa. But you can’t take the saffa out the man. Note that wood. That there be cherry wood. Hand felled and prepared be me. I spend the whole summer burning all our wood for heating in glorious summer time activities.

When you pot is good and hot. Add onion, peppers and finely chopped potatoe.

Note the charcoal briquettes. These are used to heat the pot. Get the big ones. Makes life easier.

Next up… Schweinebauch… or a spicey sausage of some kind. For added flavour… As well as your meat of choice.

For this Potjie, we’re throwing down with a good beef shin. It is important to have bone in your meat. for flavour. Bone with marrow is better. Because few things are as nice as sucking the marrow from the bone…

Add the Mrs Balls Chutney.

Mrs Balls is widely accepted as the only chutney. Period. Done.

Kangaroo Piss… Or… Cheap ass austrailian wine.

At this point I would like to suggest a better wine. Andything realy. As long as it’s better. You don’t get too much quality for less than €3 that’s for sure. But. Once the wine is in and cooked off a bit. Add some stock. Cover. And let that cook for an hour or two.

Starting to come together…


Time. Let phase two begin. Also. At this point you can cook up some voorsmaak’ties. Those Skilpaai’jies might just do the trick.


In go the hard veggies

Some quartered onion, carrots, potatoes. Or what ever floats your boat. Cover and let cook for some many minutes. While you suck back another beer.

Next… The slightly less hard veggies.

Brocci and cauli… Cover. repeat beer timing method.

Soft veggies time…

OK. We’re getting there now… Just add you soft veggies. Cover. And continue your lazy afternoon of friendship and awesomeness.

The finishing touches.

At this point you’re almost through it. Both your Potjie, as well as your stash of beers. So finish off your Potjie with some shrooms and let simmer for a bit. If you sauce is a little too weak, thicken it up with some corn starch… And you’re good to go.

And we’re done.

So this beef shin Potjie is searved with rice. and your mates will love you forever…

But… And this is important… One does not stir a Potjie once you start adding the veggies. A Potjie is built in layers. And this is very important. By doing this, each item retains its individual flavour while at the same time contributing to the over all flavour of the pot. Stiring is forbidden. Just accept that.

Peace out hommies. Catch you at the next Potjie!


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