Bernsteinfels [Sunday Morning Quickies]

Bernsteinfels [Sunday Morning Quickies]

The Bernsteinfels tour is a sweet little trail and one of my go to rides in the valley. The pedal up takes around 1hr 15mins from the Gaggenau train station and winds it’s way through the forest… Taking in some great views of the Murgtal as it does so.

The top half of the trail if all benchcut… The bottom half is all flow.

Once you get up the the actual Bernsteinfels, you can take a chill up on the big stone viewing point, or chuck a couple shrimps on the barbie in the communal fire place that sits in the small picnic spot. But, oh jolly traveller, in doing this you’ll not only be pissing off Australians everywhere by implying that “chucking a couple shrimps on the barbie” is their national past time. You know… Right up there with cheating at cricket and blaiming everything from third world hunger to Donald Trump on poor Jesse Mogg… You’ll also be the only one not cooking a sausage based meal of some kind. You are in germany after all…


The hut at the top. Relax. The climbing is over.


When you don’t quite “jink” right and slip the front off the benchcut.

That aside… The trail down starts… Well.. Pretty much right in the picnic spot. So dodge a couple hikers and hit the trail heading left. You’ll see where. It’s in the video… Urm… As well as the GPX files that are available from Two Guys HQ… Also known as “via e-mail…”

So. Until next week…

Peace out.

Two Guys.

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