Sunday Morning Quickies: Friedrich’s Turm

Sunday Morning Quickies: Friedrich’s Turm

So… What I typically do when I want to hit this trail is hitch a ride up the valley on the train from Gaggenau to Forbach (Schwarzwald). The trip takes around 25 mins and costs €3.50. Which isn’t too bad for a bit of a shuttle run.

Train stations… For peasants. And people wanting to shuttle their their bikes.

From Forbach train station, you just head left and down, over the bridge and on and up towards the Schutzen Hutte. From there… You climb up and over the first range to the Schwarzenbachtalsperre (Yes… this is German and as such they like to cram as many nouns together as humanly possible to form an impossibly long work. Just to fuck wit da tourists.) Then it’s a quick burn round the lake and on towards Herrenwieß and then up to the Friedrich’s Turm. The climb up takes about an hour and a half and is a tough one, but well worth it.



The bridge over the river Murg… It is a pretty bridge.


Copy-Pasta… Google translate… Understanding…


I do believe… A person can buy beers in that there establishment…


Forbach is a pretty little town to be sure…


And up to the Schwarzenbachtalsperre.


Where you can take a moment to chill… Or dip your toes into the water.

At the Turm you’ll be 1003m above sea level and on the highest point in the old Baden. The views from the Turm are grand. And it’s well worth leaving your wife to look after the bikes while you take in the sights. But don’t forget to take a selfie up there to show her when you get back down.

The Turm… And you can climb it. There are stairs. Lots of stairs…


The View from the top.


The road you came up on…


You can watch your bikes getting stolen from up here… OK. That’s a lie. There’s no crime in the Fatherland. It is forbidden.


The trail starts just past the Turm and you pretty much just follow it down. It is rocky. It is steep. So be warned.

Anyways… Here’s the video.


Peace out.

And as usual… If you want the GPX files for this ride. Hit us up with an e-mail. We#ll pop em off to you.


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