Sölden – Austria

Sölden – Austria

Welcoome to Sölden… and before we kick thios post off… Here’s the series Intro Video…


Right… No that you’ve watched that and have a bit of an idea of what#s going to be happeing in this series of films, here are a few happy snaps from around Sölden and of the fun and scenery we enjoed while there… A photo epic is you will…

Loading the bikes for the drive down…


First look at our surroundings while Martin checked us into the house…


A nice welcome sign… A personal touch goes a long way…


The local Spar shop.. No really… This is the local spar shop.


The view point bridge.


Bridge views… Well nice they are.


And in the other direction.


Souvinier selfie.


What you look like after four days of trail smashing in the bike park.


Being helpful during repair stops… We were acrually dinking beers here while waiting… #TrailBeer


So many opportunities to be annoying!! SO… MANY!!!


Mountian top glamour shots.


Killer views from up there!


The weather was a bit iffy on the second day… but cleared up by lunchtime.


Taking the opportunity to be helpful again… And by helpful… I mean annoying.


Those views again!




More glamour shots…


And more scenery…


And that was that. We’ll be dropping videos from Sölden each week for the next few weeks. So be sure to check it out!


Peace out hommies


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