Der Pfalz

Der Pfalz

Riding in Der Palz is one of my favarite things. It’s not that I do it often. Very rarely in fact. But it’s a type of riding that is really fun to do when you just want to wind the days away with good friends, good food and good beer.

This was pretty much the theme for the day. Ride till you find one. Stop. Have a beer. Repeat.

Der Pfalz is that little corner of germany that still sits on the other side of the Rein. Wedged between the river and France. The mountains aren’t especially high. The trails aren’t especially mind blowing. But when you combine good trails, linked up with enjoyable fire road sessions winding from beer garden to beer garden and resaurant to restaurant… You can’t really call that a bad day.

Then onto a mid morning snack… and another weißen


A bit of a view out over the range

The place is chock full of history as well. Castles. French people. Wine plantations… Yes. I know it’s called a vineyard… I just don’t care. Wine plantation sounds better. So it’s done. English language changed. and for the better i might add…

Lunch, a beer… And… Well… Maybe another beer.


A splash of carrot cake and a weißen… good way to start the day.


When we hit up der Pfalz, it’s usually a very chilled session. The main aim of the day is just to enjoy it. But one thing that#s nioce about it… Well… There are many things that are nice about it, but from a mountain biking point of view, is that just when you are in the mood to smash a trail down. one appears. and you can do just that.

You haven’t partied, untill you’ve partied with salamanders…


Castle ruins… You can tie together a couple of these in a day.


View towards the castle gates… Or at least… Where the gates once were.


Bolt holes… To keep them pesky Frenshies out.


As per usual… The castle is built on a rather steap bit. To make them Frenshies work at getting it.

The beer gardens and restaurants in the area are all really good as well. it just can’t be beat for chilled vibes and sunny days.

Lunch specials… Mmmm good… The Erdinger weißen isn’t half bad either…


Case in point… Supplimented with a coke. To aid in hangover recovery.


I opted for the pork medalions in cream and mushroom sauce served with potato fritters. Tasty…

If you’re keen on spending a few days sight seeing by bike and taking in the local culture and cuisine. This is THE place to do it…

When you take a wrong turn in the forest and suddenly find yourself in France. Oops…


I somehow thought Notre Dame would be bigger than this… #dissapointed + frowny face.


Not just food. Der Pfalz has trails too. And I had to take this picture to prove we actually rode bike as well. Also… I have a strava log to porve it. Honest.


The wine plantations… And epic views. This place is also good for a bit ‘o wine tourism. You know. If you’re into that kinda thing.


Another view out over the winelands… And then a quick dash back to the van. What a day…


Der Pfalz is a bit of a must  if you’re into bike tourism and taking in a bit of the scenery off the beaten track. It’s out ProTip destination really.


Two Guys.

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