Sunday Morning Beer Runs

Sunday Morning Beer Runs

So… when the weather is just right… The first little hint of spring. You know… When it’s still cold in the shade, but warm in the sunshine… And the day just seems to drift by at a slow and leisurely pace. Nothing seems to be in a hurry. There’s just this sense of “chill”. That’s when I love to do a Sunday Morning Beer Run. Just a slow ride up the mountain. Grab a beer and perhaps a bite to eat… And just enjoy being out in the forest. And that’s what this is all about… Almost. Coz I forgot the restaurant at the top of the hill was closed… So I had to hit the brewery when I got off the mountain. Oh well… Can’t win ’em all…

As usual… First, the video!

And then the pictures…

Some repairs after some selective felling.
And now just some trail shots!
Tik-Tok-Tik-Tok… Hamster heart is earning it’s living… 177bpm… Woop!
I love this little shute.
Hipping off some rando features…
Getting a little bit of a pedal on.
Tucking that knee… Style points… -1

And that’s that for this little post. Catch you guys on the next one!

Peace out.


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